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Gen AI Data Copilot Boosts Sales Insights for European CPG Leader

Gen AI data copilot accelerated sales analysis, reducing analysis time by 23%, boosting sales productivity by 15%, and improving revenues through timely, accurate decisions.

Gen AI Drives Hyper-Personalized Marketing for a Leading Global Car Component Manufacturer

Our Gen AI solution helped our client elevate their customer experience through hyper-personalized marketing.

Enabling $45M+ in annual savings using AI for Fleet Management

Our customer is a Fortune 100 North American Enterprise that owns the 2nd largest vehicle fleet in the world.

Leveraging AI to Save Lives​

Our customer wanted to replicate the findings of a research paper and evaluate the idea of Deep Learning Approach for Tissue Quantification and Genomic Correlations of Histopathological Images.

Preventive Maintenance and Real Time Monitoring for Manufacturing Company

Enabling industry 4.0 capabilities with legacy assembly line units using our end-to-end engineering capabilities

Developing A No Code platform for Data Scientists

Our customer a US based startup wanted to develop a no code platform for scientists with highly flexible data connectors.

Improved Sales Forecasting for Supply Chain and Inventory Optimization

Our customer is a 100+ year old company with a portfolio of brands that offers a variety of innovative pest

AI-powered Video Analytics Platform

Our customer wanted to improve ads based on data in the scene in a video.

Vehicle damage detection using Computer Vision for insurance company

Our customer, a born-digital unicorn in Insurance industry wanted to use Computer Vision for automation.

Recommendation engine development for a Media Firm

Driving multifold improvement in recommendation efficiency Our customer in Media Distribution...

Cloud Data Engineering for an Innovative Diagnostic Product

Contributing to disruptive innovation in healthcare. Our customer was developing an easy-to-use automated bench-top blood testing

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