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For SMBs

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have IT teams focused on business as usual (BAU) items. While capable of developing AI-ML capabilities, these teams are constrained because of their existing responsibilities and often cannot balance both things. So, rather than overburdening your IT teams with AI capability development, why not partner with a proven expert in the field? At Konverge.AI we have a specialized program for SMBs to empower their business with AI.

Why Konverge.AI for SMBs?

We help you choose the right AI use cases

In the field of AI, there are a plethora of possible use cases and possibilities. For an SMB, choosing the correct AI use case is critical for success. We help you select the best use case to begin your AI journey and quickly demonstrate the return on your AI investment.

We provide end-to-end services

Unlike other AI start-ups, at Konverge.AI, we have product development capabilities to go with our AI prowess. So, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. Instead, we take care of everything, from building data pipelines to scaling and testing your AI model.

Value for Money

We value your funds. Our constant endeavor is to keep your costs in control while never compromising on quality. Finding the right team at a reasonable price point is the biggest challenge any start-up faces. Our onsite-offshore model ensures that your costs are under control.

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