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At Konverge.AI we take pride in working at the cutting edge of the technology. We work on various domains, technologies and for clients spread across industries. While working on these problems we generate a body of knowledge that can be of immense help to the tech community as well as our prospective customers. Playstore is a single place to access all our resources right from accelerators to case studies, e-books to Point of Views (PoVs). It is a show case where you can find details on almost everything we do. You can filter by type of resources to go to the ones you are looking at. Feel free to share your feedback or contact us for more details.

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Object Detection

Seamlessly identify and locate objects within an image or video.

Anomaly Detection

Identify unusual patterns or events in your

Image Classification

Classify images into distinct categories and labels based on rules.

Case Studies

Gen AI Data Copilot Boosts Sales Insights for European CPG Leader

Gen AI data copilot accelerated sales analysis, reducing analysis time by 23%, boosting sales productivity by 15%, and improving revenues through timely, accurate decisions.

Gen AI Drives Hyper-Personalized Marketing for a Leading Global Car Component Manufacturer

Our Gen AI solution helped our client elevate their customer experience through hyper-personalized marketing.

Enabling $45M+ in annual savings using AI for Fleet Management

Our customer is a Fortune 100 North American Enterprise that owns the 2nd largest vehicle fleet in the


Clinical Note Classifier

Quickly categorize clinical notes for improved efficiency and patient care.

Content Moderation

Identify and remove inappropriate content to improve user experience and brand reputation.

Outlier Detection

Quickly identify customers who may require special attention or support.



Document Chunking: The Key to Smart Data Handling

We have successfully used document chunking to enhance our clients’ data processing capabilities across numerous use cases, delivering exceptional results.

How to Select The Best-fit LLM for Your Business Need

Not all large language models (LLMs) are made equal. It is important to select the one that meets your business needs.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About Databricks LakeFlow

The recent Databricks Data+AI Summit 2024 buzzed with exciting announcements, and the one that grabbed our attention at Konverge AI is LakeFlow!

Point Solutions

DocuAI Precision

The smart solution for managing documents easily. Simplify your work and boost productivity today.

Documentation summerization

Your shortcut to clear, concise insights. Simplify complex information and make informed decisions faster.

Field Sales Document Copilot by Konverge AI

A Gen AI powered document Co-pilot based on RAG model* that enables your sales reps to instantly provide accurate information to customers for all their product related queries. No more “I will get back to you on this”!


Choose the Right Vector Databases for AI

This whitepaper presents a comprehensive analysis of vector databases, their functionality and importance in AI and machine learning.

AI in Speech Analysis

Explore AI-driven speech analysis and discover its latest innovations, techniques, and applications.

Gen AI Guardrails Checklist

The essential Gen AI guardrails checklist covers 6 areas that impact the effectiveness of Gen AI models.

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