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For Enterprises

Setting up a full-fledged Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) team is a formidable task. You need to have the right set of expertise, with the right mix of Data Science and Data Engineering personnel. However, success is not guaranteed even after setting up such a team. With Konverge.AI, you have your Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre of Excellence (CoE). We partner with large enterprises to help them set up their AI CoEs and embed AI capabilities into their enterprise products and workflows.

Why Konverge for Enterprises

Sharp Focus

We at Konverge.AI have a singular focus on AI and Data Engineering. That is all we do. This focus has helped us develop capabilities that are difficult to replicate. Given our extensive experience in this field, we can provide enterprises with the insights needed to navigate the complex web of AI technologies and use cases.

Trusted Partner

We come in as your trusted AI partner, who takes care of setting up the teams and providing the right advice to you and your customers. We help you build the right set of capabilities. Being an AI-focused firm, it is easier for us to attract and nurture AI talent than most generalist peers. We partner with large enterprises to help them build and scale their AI capabilities.

Value for Money

Finding the right team at reasonable price point is the biggest challenge faced by the industry today. Our onsite-offshore model ensures that your costs are under control. Our extensive experience ensures that you get the World Class quality you are looking for at a reasonable price point.

World-Class Quality

We are fully focused on Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Products Development. This sharp focus has helped us develop capabilities that other organizations cannot. These specialized capabilities ensure that we deliver world-class model quality and excellent results.

Enterprise Exposure

Unlike other boutique firms, we have extensive experience working with large enterprises. This exposure enables us to be agile and proactive in our approach. We have delivery methodologies specifically designed for enterprise customers. We are conversant with the enterprise-scale, both personnel, and data; hence we are the ideal partner for large enterprises.

Specific Offerings

We have enterprise-specific offerings such as AI model scaling and AI model testing & validation. For Enterprises that have data scientists to build the AI models but are struggling to scale the models, we have teams that focus on model tuning and scaling so that your data scientists can focus on the business rules while we focus on model scaling.

For Startups

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