Gen AI Data Copilot Boosts Sales Insights for European CPG Leader

Gen AI data copilot accelerated sales analysis, reducing analysis time by 23%, boosting sales productivity by 15%, and improving revenues through timely, accurate decisions.

The Challenge

Our client, a distinguished CPG company based in Europe and home to several globally leading food brands, encountered challenges in accessing and analyzing their sales data:
  • Sales Dashboard Overload: Relying on dashboards for small queries felt cumbersome and inefficient for executives.
  • Limited Ad-hoc Sales Analysis: Lack of specific charts or analyses within dashboards necessitated additional development efforts, hindering access to insights.
  • Improving User Adoption: The complexity of analytics tools resulted in low user adoption amongst sales executives.

Our Solution

We developed a Gen AI-powered data copilot for the client with the following key features:
  • RAG Integration: Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) model located relevant data from various documents and Large Language Model (LLM) paraphrased it into a single, concise answer.
  • Natural Language to SQL Conversion: Data copilot’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities enabled it to convert natural language questions into SQL queries, directly extracting the desired information from the data set.
  • Instant Data Insights: Due to the conversational interface, sales executives no longer needed to rely on technical teams to generate specific reports or retrieve data.

The Impact

Our Gen AI solution had a huge impact on our client’s sales operations:
  • 23% Reduction in Analysis Time: Sales teams could quickly identify insights and opportunities, leading to improved decisions and more successful upselling/cross-selling.
  • Improved Sales Productivity: Conversational interface made data more accessible leading to a 15% increase in productivity of sales executives and more time spent on customer engagements.
  • Improved User Experience: The intuitive and user-friendly nature of the data copilot led to increased adoption among the executive team, fostering a data-driven culture within the organization.

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