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Our Generative AI offerings enable businesses to transform operations, accelerate content creation & automate business processes. We leverage cutting edge innovative Gen AI tools that drive efficiency and creativity across your organization.

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Generative AI Services

  • AI Model Design

  • AI Model Scaling

  • AI Model Validation

  • AI Model Maintenance

AI Model Design, Development, and Deployment

We first fully understand your use case. We then find precedents or existing models/ solutions that are simple and could be reused. If that's not feasible, we create a new model/solution and deploy it for you based on our analysis.

Our extensive experience in model selection and tuning and our expertise in model development ensure that the best AI model powers your product.

AI Model Scaling and Productionisation

If your data scientists have developed a model that needs scaling, our teams

- tune the model,
- containerize the model,
- reduce latencies,
- perform orchestrations (if required),
- scale it and
- take it to production.

Your data scientists focus on developing the best model for your use case, while we ensure that it scales and we take it to production.

AI Model Validation and Testing

Choosing the right model for your use case is they key driver of AI success. We validate your chosen AI model by improving input data quality and by taking a data centric approach.

We help you choose the best model for your use case and provide performance testing inputs for your models, so that your model always has the best performance.

AI Model Maintenance

AI models usually run in a dynamic environment with changing environments and variables. Over time, these changes cause degradation in model performance as the model has no predictive power for interpreting unfamiliar data.

Our team ensures consistent performance of your model using our proprietary model maintenance framework.

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