Five Critical Elements to Consider while
Planning an AI Project

Don’t Let an AI Project Fail you. This blog gives you essential tips for a successful AI journey


Why Ignoring AI Can Mean Loss Of Competitive Advantage For Retail Companies?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has reinvented the entire retail industry with its inclusion across retail operations.


Data – the key ingredient of your AI secret sauce.

Almost all the prospects I have a conversation with have a few AI use-cases thought out. In my previous blog, I focused on how to find the correct use case to begin your AI journey with.


Finding the right problem to solve using AI

Just recently we celebrated the 4th anniversary of Konverge AI. As we reflected on our 50+ AI implementations, we thought about creating a blog series based on our learnings, mistakes and experiments.


5 ways in which AI projects are different from normal IT projects

Anyone who is even remotely connected with AI or has completed even minimal research will be aware of the following three alarming stats

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