Provide your career with the AI edge

At Konverge.AI, we specialize in Data Science and Engineering, Cloud Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Products Development. Our customers trust us because of our proven expertise in these most sought-after and state-of-the-art technologies. As proactive partners revolutionizing the digital sphere for the new economy, we always ensure that we are consistently ahead of the pack. So when you join us, you are guaranteed top-class exposure to the latest technologies in the world. Join us to give your career the acceleration it needs via working with the latest technologies on the planet.

Looking for Problem Solvers, Tech Enthusiasts and Lifelong Learners

At Konverge.AI, we work with early-stage start-ups and businesses that want to imbibe AI in their products. So, we need to be great at Data Science, AI and application development. We are looking for employees who

  • Are passionate about technology and data
  • Want to prove themselves in the complex world of AI-ML technologies
  • Are problem solvers and want to make an impact on the world
  • Are self-driven with an ownership mindset

If you think you are the one, we are looking for,

Perks & Benefits

Flexible hours and remote work

As long as you deliver top quality work, we don’t mind about timings and location

Health and accident insurance

Our group health and accident insurance plans have you covered

Personalized Career Roadmap

We define a long-term personalized career roadmap for every interested employee

Interest-Free Loans

If you need money urgently, our Interest-Free loans are to help

Healthcare and Wellness Tie ups

We are concerned about the mental and physical health of our employees. Our corporate tie ups help our people stay healthy

Top technologies and tools

With us, you always work on cutting-edge technologies and the latest tech stacks

Tech Konvergence groups and forums

Our Tech Konvergence groups and forums provide extended opportunities to collaborate and learn

Leadership Focus

Our top leadership ensures that they meet every employee once a quarter

Stress free, friendly culture

At Konverge.AI, we have an amicable and open culture, and our employees love our stress-free approach to work.

Learning Konvergence Program

Our Bootcamp, also known as Learning Konvergence Program, is our proprietary program designed to train associates to take on complex, real-life AI and Data Engineering projects. Each program is a four-week guided program run by our CTO’s office. Our CTO offers you 1:1 coaching and mentoring to ensure that you reach the level of competence we expect of you. We have the following Learning Konvergence Programs :

  • Data Science and Engineering
  • Cloud Data Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Data Analytics

Our People Philophy

We do what matters the most to the people

We invest in people

      • We create a customized career plan for each Konvergist
      • We focus on L&D to ensure associates have the latest capabilities
      • We take a long-term view of our association
      • We believe in developing our associates’ full potential
We take care of our people

    • We believe if you take care of people, they take care of everything
    • We have flexible work hours and locations
    • We have health and wellness programs
    • We ensure that our people get to work on the latest technologies
We are authentic, no showbiz

    • We believe in being authentic and vulnerable
    • We wear our failures on our sleeves
    • We focus on things that really matter rather than on flashy things
    • We are completely transparent about your career, growth and development

How to Join Us?

Selection Process

Ours  is an entirely digital selection process and you don’t need to visit our offices, unless you want to see us in person.


KonBAT - Konverge.AI Bootcamp Assessment Test

KonBAT tests you via Programming challenge, Problem solving skills questions, Multiple choice questions on technology.


Personal Interviews

Tech Interview with our Tech Leads/ Architects

Our Tech Lead/ Architect will assess your technology capabilities, your attitude and your technical fitment for the role.


Personal Interviews

HR Round

Our HR team will evaluate if you will be a good long-term fit for a mutually rewarding career at Konverge.AI


We'd let our customers do the talking for us

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