We excel at

Solving Complex Data Problems using Technology

We are a boutique data science firm focused on empowering businesses with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. We are an end-to-end service provider for all AI solutions. We do whatever it takes to enable AI capabilities for your organization. Whether building data engineering pipelines, enabling cloud migration, developing data products to validate AI models, or performing QA, we provide the full spectrum of services necessary to succeed in your AI plans. We work with three kinds of customers:

  • Early-Stage Start-ups that want to embed AI into their products
  • •Small and Medium Businesses that cannot have their own AI teams
  • Large Enterprises who need AI expertise to guide their teams

Our Mission

To enable our customers to build cutting-edge products and services by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML).

Our Vision​

We want to be the best in
solving complex data


Open Culture Driven by transparency, innovation & values

Open Culture, Authenticity , Transparency and Long Term Approach

No Frills

We believe in being genuine and honest. While we ensure that we take good care of our people, we don’t spend in show off stuff.


We are extremely customer centric and hence we have to be adaptive. We have to learn the latest technologies and be constantly at the cutting edge of innovation.

Willingness to learn

We work in knowledge economy and each one of us has to be willing to learn something new. Unless we keep ourselves updated we will not be relevant.

Complete Ownership

We believe in taking complete ownership our tasks. We provide full freedom to our associates and expect them to take complete ownership of their responsibilities.

Freedom to Fail

We are in Data Science field and experimentation is key to succeed in any Science including Data Science. So it is okay if you fail. At Konverge.AI you always get a second chance provided your intentions were honest.

To provide your business a competitive edge with our AI solutions

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