Digitizing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Making them searchable through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Digitizing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Making them searchable through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We digitized 150 million documents (1.5 Billion pages) using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique and used NLP to make these records searchable. Health records are often very comprehensive and long.

Paper based records are not searchable, so doctors have to manually read pages to find information. This time can be crucial in emergency cases. Digitizing the records makes the records searchable and easy to maneuver. We used the power of AI to do exactly that. We digitized 150 million health records to enable searching capability. Search makes decision making faster. For example, in case of pre-existing conditions just simple search for a pre-existing condition can provide information. Read the detailed case study to find out how we simplified a very complex paper based process of searching health records to a simple google like search.


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