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Konverge.AI is now a Databricks Partner

As a Databricks strategic partner, our teams are constantly developing accelerators geared explicitly towards the Databricks ecosystem.

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We solve complex Data problems using AI

At Konverge.AI, we specialize in solving complex data problems using Data Science. We help our customers infuse Artificial Intelligence(AI) into their business.

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Our Data and AI focus empowers Small and Medium Businesses

Our focused expertise in the data domain, coupled with our prowess in AI-ML, mean you don’t have to bother about anything else. Focus on your core business while we manage your data challenges.

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An ideal partner for Startups

Having extensively worked with start-ups, we realize the risks you are taking. Mitigate your AI deployment risks by choosing us.

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Enterprises trust our talent and acumen

Large enterprises often struggle to deliver successful AI projects. Our proven expertise ensures that you always have a dependable partner when it comes to your AI projects.

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What we do

We empower start-ups and established businesses with AI-ML.

We operate at the intersection of Data, Machine Learning (ML) models, and Business Insights that help you develop state-of-the-art AI products and solutions, sharpen your competitive advantage, improve your team’s efficiency, and help your business thrive.

Whether building data engineering pipelines, enabling cloud migration, developing data products, validating AI models, or performing QA, we offer the full spectrum of services necessary to succeed in your AI plans.


4 E model

Successful AI depends on choosing the right problem to solve using AI. Quality and availability of data is a critical success factor for AI projects. Our unique 4 E model ensures you always stay on track.



Identify, prioritize and curate data science engineering use cases.


Perform a thorough due diligence to maximize the impact.


Build solutions using Konverge’s proprietary frameworks.


Offer Support for continued success

Our Expertise

The Most Common Use Cases

Natural Language Processing

Choose the NLP use case relevant to your domain, from autocorrect and text summarization to chatbots and sentiment analysis.

Advanced Analytics

Benefit from our advanced analytics models that have helped automate tedious, repetitive tasks resulting in multi-million dollar savings

Computer Vision

Model the image you have in mind with our specialized processing frameworks in computer vision models.

Speech Recognition

Use our Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and API-based speech to the text model to develop voice-backed systems quickly.

AI Consulting

Leverage our expertise to make the right decisions about your architecture, AI model, and team composition.

Data Products Development

Combine the power of AI with our world-class application development capabilities.


Check out our
World-Class work


Computer Vision

Vehicle Damage Detection for a born-digital, Insurance Unicorn

Natural Language Processing

NLP based digitization of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

AI Model Tuning

Driving multifold improvement in recommendation efficiency


We'd let our customers do the talking for us

Technologies we work with

  • AL/ML/DL

  • Full Stack

  • Data Engineering

  • Cloud - AWS

  • Cloud - Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud - Google (GCP)


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