Automation of Bill of Lading

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Problem Statement

The company faced challenges in managing their BL process, including manual data entry, errors, and delays. They needed a solution that could automate the process, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

Our Solution

  • We used OCR and NLP to extract data from relevant documents, such as invoices and packaging lists. NLP recognizes and extracts relevant details from unstructured data, whereas OCR identifies characters and structures in scanned documents.
  • After being extracted, the data is organized and used to create BLs. Automation guarantees that the extracted data is precisely entered into the BL templates, producing BLs that are standardized and error-free.
  • Document process automation solutions simplify internal procedures by automating the review and approval procedures. This along with compliance and accuracy standards and speeds up the deployment of BLs.

Business Benefits

  • With the help of Automated data collection and document generation, processing times was greatly reduced, expediting the delivery of products and customs clearance.
  • Automated software results in significant Labour cost savings by reducing the number of employees required for data entry and customs document management.
  • Automation saves operating costs by doing away with the requirement for physical document maintenance and storage.
  • Elimination of human error and improved procedures reduced delays caused by mistaken data or missing documents.
  • Automation freed up staff to work on other important customs management projects, increasing productivity and resource utilization.
  • Pre-made templates and automated inspections ensured compliance with all customs requirements, minimizing the possibility of delays and penalties for noncompliance.
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