Voice Based Food Ordering in Restaurant

Our Customer has been leading restaurant chain for years in the United Kingdom. The chain offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items but is well-known for their world-famous pancakes with 100+ outlets all around the country.


Problem Statement

The restaurant chain faced challenges in processing verbal orders at their drive-through windows and over the phone, leading to errors and frustration for customers. They needed a solution that could accurately transcribe verbal orders into text for cooks and servers.

Our Solution

We developed an AI-powered Enhanced Medical Search solution using a hybrid approach that combines Gen AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This solution consists of:

  • Voice-to-Text Conversion: We utilized advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to convert spoken orders into text. The NLP engine was trained on a large corpus of restaurant-specific vocabulary and speech patterns to ensure accurate transcription.
  • Order Processing Automation: The transcribed text orders are automatically routed to the appropriate kitchen stations and server queues. The system integrates with the restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) system to seamlessly process the orders.
  • Error Correction and Validation: The solution employs machine learning models to continuously improve the accuracy of the voice-to-text conversion. Real-time error detection and correction mechanisms are in place to identify and rectify any transcription mistakes.
  • User Interface and Reporting: The solution provides a user-friendly interface for kitchen staff and servers to view and manage the transcribed orders. Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities are included to track order accuracy, processing times, and customer satisfaction metrics.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Time Spent on Data Entry: AI-powered document processing reduces time spent on data entry by up to 98%.
  • Increased Efficiency: The software streamlined the ordering process, reducing wait times and improving overall efficiency.
  • Reduced Errors: The software reduced errors in transcribing verbal orders, ensuring that customers received their orders accurately.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: AI transcription services enhance collaboration by providing instant, searchable notes and improving accessibility.
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