Personalized Patient Communication

Our Client is one of the largest providers of dental support services in the United States. They support over 650 affiliated dental practices across 30 states, with more than 7,500 dedicated team members.


Problem Statement

Our customer faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating with patients, resulting in misunderstandings, miscommunications, and poor patient outcomes due to the lack of personalization and inadequate patient engagement.

Our Solution

We developed an AI-powered EHR search and summarization solution which is composed of:

  • Data Integration: Integrated patient data from EHRs, patient portals, and other systems.
  • Gen AI Model Trained a Gen AI model to analyze patient data and generate personalized messages considering patient preferences, medical history, and communication styles.
  • Message Generation: Generated clear, concise, and easy-to-understand messages, including appointment reminders and test results.
  • Delivery Delivered personalized messages through email, text messaging, and patient portals.

Business Benefits

  • Automated, personalized communications reduced costs by minimizing the need for manual communication and reducing the number of phone calls and emails.
  • Improved patient experience by reducing waiting time for reports.
  • Total $750,000 was saved on a yearly basis by employing personalized patient communication.
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