Healthcare Administrative Assistant

A not-for-profit Catholic health care system operating multiple hospitals and medical clinics across seven states, of US. It provides a comprehensive range of health and social services, including outpatient care, transitional care, home and hospice care, substance abuse programs, mental health treatment, prevention and wellness programs, long-term care, and assisted living and housing.

Problem Statement

The healthcare network’s administrative assistants were often overburdened with manual, repetitive tasks that differed from their ability to provide high-quality support to clinicians and patients. This led to frustration, burnout, and suboptimal patient experiences.

Our Solution

We implemented an automation and upskilling program for their administrative assistants:
  • Intelligent Process Automation: They deployed robotic process automation (RPA) and Gen AI powered tools to automate routine administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling, patient registration, and medical coding. This freed up the assistants to focus on higher-value work.
  • Natural Career Advancement Opportunities : By expanding the scope of the administrative assistant role, we created new pathways for career growth and professional development by one on one consultation with the help of our AI generated consulting coach.

Business Benefits

  • Improved Efficiency: Automation of repetitive tasks led to a 25% reduction in administrative workload, allowing assistants to be more responsive to clinician and patient needs.
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction: 72% of administrative assistants reported higher job satisfaction due to the opportunity to take on more meaningful work.
  • Better Patient Experiences: With administrative assistants freed up to provide personalized support, patient satisfaction scores increased by 18%.
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