EHR Search and Summarization

Our client is a leading healthcare organization in UK, with more than 1,000 bed occupancy and employing over 200 clinicians. Our customer possesses a vast repository of patient data within their Electronic Health Records (EHRs).


Problem Statement

Clinicians spend a significant portion of their time analyzing extensive Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to gather patient information. This time-consuming process can lead to Delayed Diagnoses and errors. In cases where the patient is unconscious and unable to tell allergies, preexisting conditions, NLP powered EHR search becomes a life-saving feature.

Our Solution

We developed an AI-powered EHR search and summarization solution which is composed of:

  • Natural Language Processing for Document search
  • Training Deep Learning Models to Identify and extract information
  • RAG model to create concise and informative summaries highlighting key findings

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Search Time by helping clinicians find relevant information 35% faster.
  • The summaries created with the help of this RAG model accurately represents key findings 95% of time.
  • Streamlined workflows minimize the need for staff assistance in locating information within EHRs, leading to cost savings upto 20%.
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