Boosting Staff Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction with Gen AI

Our client is a multispecialty healthcare org with over 5000 beds and 40+ departments widespread across the USA, they sought to expand their services and patient base. However, their current operational structure hindered efficient growth.

Problem Statement

The firm struggles with several challenges hindering growth and optimal patient care: Difficulty accessing information (appointments, billing) for patients Overburdened staff answering repetitive questions

Our Solution

We applied our expertise in to develop a comprehensive Gen AI-powered solution:

  • Multi-Functional Chatbot: Built using Natural Language Processing (NLP), offered patients 24/7 access to:
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Billing inquiries and insurance verification
  • Personalized medical information and appointment preparation guidance
  • Pre-screening questionnaires and symptom checkers
  • Seamless Virtual Assistant Integration: Chatbot seamlessly integrated with a virtual assistant powered by RAG algorithms and enabled features like:
  • Real-time connection with live agents for complex inquiries
  • Secure appointment scheduling directly within the chatbot interface
  • Integration with hospital scheduling systems for automated appointment booking

Business Benefits

  • 30% Staff Efficiency Improved by reducing call volume and repetitive inquiries.
  • 47% Enquires were resolved by the chatbot itself
  • The Gen AI-powered solution can handle a high volume of inquiries without additional resources, leading to scalability and growth.
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