Supply Chain Risk Management

A global leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food products, as well as equipment and supplies for the food, service and hospitality industries. With a network of specialty suppliers and a distribution network of 333 facilities worldwide, they serve approximately 7,000 customer locations across North America


Problem Statement

The company faced significant challenges in managing supply chain risks, including single supplier sourcing, capacity constraints, and supply quality issues. This led to disruptions and potential losses.

Our Solution

We developed a Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) solution using a hybrid approach that combines Generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This solution consists of:

  • Generative AI for Risk Identification: Analyzes enterprise-wide supply chain data to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and defining risk thresholds that trigger human validation and approvals
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Risk Mitigation: Analyzes supplier contracts and agreements to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • AI-powered Supply Chain Risk Management: Provides real-time monitoring and alerting for potential supply chain disruptions.
  • Client Engagement and Education: Provides clients with educational resources and tools to improve their supply chain risk management capabilities.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Supply Chain Risks: The solution reduced supply chain risks by 30% through effective risk identification and mitigation.
  • Improved Supply Chain Resilience: The solution improved supply chain resilience by 25% through predictive analytics and real-time monitoring.
  • Increased Supply Chain Efficiency: The solution increased supply chain efficiency by 20% through optimized risk management and mitigation strategies.
  • Cost Savings: The solution resulted in cost savings of $300,000 per year through reduced supply chain disruptions and improved supply chain resilience.
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